Monday, March 26, 2007

Our New Family Member

Ed & I are pleased to announce that we have added a new "fur baby" to our family. Her name is Dusty, and she was dumped at Freedom RV in Tucson a year or two ago. Since that time, she had lived outside under a storage building, dodging motorhomes, and being fed and petted by a couple of caring employees. But none of them could give her a forever home. And neither could we, until a couple of weeks ago.

Sadly, we are mourning the loss of our beloved cat, Bonnie. She disappeared one evening. Just never came home. We don't know what happened but the only realistic explanation is that she wandered into the desert and fell prey to a coyote. We have been heartbroken, she was a wonderful, loving kitty-cat.

But since then I began entertaining the thought of rescuing Dusty. I had my doubts about bringing an adult cat into a home with two dogs. We didn't know if she was litter-box trained either, having lived outside for so long.

But we brought her home a couple of days ago and she has adjusted beautifully. Sure, there was the initial hissing and growling but she soon settled down, so did Duncan and Roxie, and Dusty took up residence on our bed. Cats always know how to make themselves comfy!

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