Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fort Wetherill State Park; Jamestown, RI

Conanicut Marina and the Newport (Pell) Bridge

Today promised to be as nice as day as one could wish for. Temps in the 80s, low humidity, and a light breeze. I suggested to Ed that we pack a picnic lunch and take it over to Fort Wetherill State Park, on the opposite shore of Conanicut Island from Fort Getty, where we are camped. So we drove to the East Ferry Deli downtown and picked up sandwiches. The ferry takes passengers only (no vehicles) from Jamestown to Newport.

From downtown Jamestown, we headed south to Fort Wetherill Park. We drove to the top of the bluffs where we had a commanding view of Narragansett Bay from atop 100' granite cliffs.

And here's a one-minute 360 degree video taken from the same spot. The Inn at Castle Hill lies across the bay, Ed was behind me peering through binoculars, and I tried to zoom in to see Fort Adams in Newport but it's a bit fuzzy.

After lunch, we returned to our campsite. You can just see the water between the campers behind us.

Whereupon, Ed & Duncan proceeded to do what every man and dog likes to do on vacation!

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