Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lassy; Our new fur-baby

Well, we couldn't resist any longer! After we lost Roxie, I wasn't sure I wanted to get another dog. But since we'll be on vacation for the next couple of months, it seemed to be a good time to adopt another Sheltie. I had been checking the New England Sheltie Rescue web page on and off all summer. When I saw Lassy's picture and read her description, Ed agreed with me that the little girl, younger than Duncan, sounded perfect. (Duncan is 9 now, Lassy is 6.)

We've had her for two weeks now and she is an absolute love! She plasters herself to you when you're sitting or lying down, she's playful, and gets along great with both Duncan and Dusty. There's a been a little bit of jealousy from Duncan but they're working it out. They were play-chasing each other in the woods during our walk this afternoon. Cute!

I'll post some more pictures of her soon.The fall leaves are beautiful right now and I'll try to get some good scenic shots of the area. We'll be leaving CT on Monday, October 20 to begin making our way to Florida for the winter.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful animal Camille. Marlise saw the photo and now she wants one. I'm in trouble now! Wish you guys were coming to Tucson. The days are great and the evenings are getting cooler. Best of luck with the rv sales this year, It's tough this year. Would love to have you two here. Can I intice you with a steak from Pinnacle Peak? Have a great winter. Take care...Scott and Marlise