Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Part 1; Visiting Dan at the firehouse

Our nephew, Dan, had to work at the firehouse on Thanksgiving Day. So, prior to our own dinner, we brought turkey breast, side dishes, and pumpkin pie so he and his lieutenant and commander could have a real meal. Dan recently completed his schooling to become a firefighter and paramedic and will soon take the state exam. I'm sure he will pass with flying colors!

Dan gave me, Ed, and Mark a tour of the firehouse.

The firehouse is adjacent to the St. John's River so they need a boat for Fire/Rescue also.

The fire engines were all polished up.

The firefighters work twenty-four hour shifts so they need sleeping quarters.

Staying in shape is part of the job. See the photo on the mirror? The goal is to look like him. It is actor Matthew McConaughey. Good choice, guys!

Only after the work is done do the guys get to lounge around.

Dan, Uncle Ed & I are proud of you and grateful to you and your fellow fire fighters for your public service!

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