Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fantasy Of Flight; Lakeland, Florida

Fantasy of Flight is the private collection of vintage aircraft belonging to a man named Kermit Weeks, who has opened it to the public. Since Dad is a lifelong aircraft buff, I thought he'd enjoy visiting this museum which is only a 10 min. drive from our home. Admission is $28.95 with a $10.00 discount for Florida residents.

The tour begins with a brief history of the development of aircraft from WWI and WWII, complete with dioramas and old black-and-white film footage. The scene is set for a tour of a B17 Flying Fortress named the Picadilly Princess. We actually climbed through the fuselage and imagined a dark night in WWII.

Other notable aircaft on display include the Short Sunderland Flying Boat, a 1918 Morane A-1, a 1929 mail plane. a 1938 Avro cadet, and a 1917 Fokker DR Tri-plane which was the plane the infamous Red Baron flew. Kermit Weeks credits Snoopy, of Charles Schultz's Peanuts cartoon fame who pretended to be the Red Baron, with sparking his interest as a child in airplanes and flying! There is even a replica of Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis. I've compiled some of my photos into the slideshow below.

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