Monday, October 09, 2006

God's Little Angels...

We weren't going to do it. We didn't want to be morbid curiousity-seekers. But in the end, we couldn't not visit the memorial to Naomi Rose, Marian, Anna Mae, Mary Liz, and Lena. I fought back tears as we drove through farmlands and saw two Amish girls, about 8 or 10 years old, walking home from school, swinging their lunchboxes. Dressed in pinafores, hair tied back in identical buns at the nape of their neck, they looked just like I imagine the schoolgirls who were brutally shot must have looked. Five of the girls are still fighting for their lives in the hospital. A memorial has sprung up just down the street from the school for the five who died. The little Amish boy looking out from the buggy is looking at the school, which has been boarded up and will probably be torn down. Remember "Gods' little angels" and say a prayer for their families and the community in mourning.

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