Saturday, April 28, 2007

Protech awarded RVRN Certification; Benton, KY

On April 25, 2007, after three days of training, Ed received his certification from the RVRN(Recreational Vehicle Refrigeration Network) Association. Protech Mobile RV Service and Repair will now specialize in rebuilding RV refrigerator cooling units.

The RVRN trade organization was started by Roger and Onna Lee Ford of Ford RV Refrigeration located in Benton, KY. The Fords have been in business for 23 years and have developed procedures for rebuilding RV refrigerator cooling units. These systems are ammonia based, unlike Freon-based systems in our residential refrigerators and freezers. When the coils that hold the ammonia corrode, they develop leaks, requiring either a new refrigerator or a new cooling unit. Most dealers don't repair RV cooling units. Instead, they install new ones that cost over $1100. They will generally give a one-year warranty. But by rebuilding the unit using the Ford procedures, the cooling units are better than new. So good, in fact, that the warranty is five years unlimited, including parts and labor. But the best part is that the customer saves hundreds of dollars on the repair.

Roger and Onna Lee founded the RVRN to teach the procedures that they have perfected over the years to other technicians. They have already trained over 300 techs. The goal is to have a complete network across the country that will honor the warranty. Once a tech is trained and has joined the RVRN network, he has a 100-mile radius protected territory. Protech Mobile RV Service is the exclusive distributor for Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Ed's training was abbreviated since he already holds Master Certification in RV Repair from the RV Industry Association. These photos were taken during Ed's written and practical tests. Here Onna Lee is getting Ed set to begin.

This is the charging board, one of the specialized tools that Roger has developed. Each make and model of RV refrigerator has its own formula for the ammonia solution. This tool ensures that the correct charge is applied.

Exacting quality standards and rigorous testing set the RVRN system apart from other rebuilders. Any leak in the steel evaporator is repaired by welding.

Ed and Roger are comparing cooling units from Dometic and Norcold, the two major brands of RV refrigerators.

Ed and I believe that this specialty is a perfect fit with his mobile RV repair business. Now that Ed has the training and the tools, our next step is to get a shop location in CT where he can do the work. Then we have to get the word out. So...don't throw that camper refrigerator away! Call Ed at 860-803-2359 or visit for updates and more information.

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