Sunday, April 08, 2007

Zion National Park; Part 2

In 2000, the National Park Service closed Zion Canyon Scenic Drive to automobiles. During peak season, a propane powered shuttle transports visitors up and down the 18-mile road, stopping at scenic viewpoints and trail heads. On our second day at Zion, we boarded the shuttle at the Visitor's Center and rode it about halfway to the Zion Lodge.

From the lodge, we crossed the North Fork of the Virgin River to pick up the Emerald Pools Trail.

The 1/2 mile trail took us to the Emerald Pool and the base of the waterfall. The Emerald Pool is tinged green by the fine silt from eroded sandstone. Sadly, because the snow and rain were below average this winter, the river and waterfalls are very low.

From the Emerald Pool, we picked up the Kayenta Trail, a sandstone path that took us up 150 feet to view the canyon and lodge below.

Sis, this photo of us on the hike is for you! Proof that we did it - a hike rated "moderate" no less, not just an "easy" one!

After a lunch break, we took the trolley to the end of the Canyon to the Riverside Walk Trail.

Check out the size of these boulders that have fallen from the canyon walls into the river.

This trail runs one easily-walked mile to the Narrows - the point where the canyon is no wider that the river itself.

Some folks had waders and boots on to explore upriver. With a backcountry permit, you can hike along other streams and canyons and camp overnight. Instead, we hopped back on the trolley and returned to our comfy motorhome.

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