Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We interrupt this blog, due to technical difficulties...

It may seem as though we have fallen off the face of the earth since we have not posted for a week and a half. But, actually, we lost internet access when we reached Arkansas. Then, when we got to Dallas last Friday, our good friend and computer guru, Dom, pronounced our laptop beyond repair from the lightning strike we took awhile back. So while we visited with him and Cathy, my roomate from my college days, we shopped for a new laptop and spent the last few days reinstalling all our software and data. I'm posting this from Dom & Cathy's home, using their wireless high speed network, on our brand new Compaq Presario.

I only have time tonight for this short message. We are leaving tomorrow morning and heading toward Las Cruces, New Mexico, a distance of several hundred miles. We will stop in Pecos, Texas, about 430 miles southwest of Dallas, and stay for a couple of days at an Escapees park so we can pick up our forwarded mail. Once we get there, I'll post some photos of our visits to Arkansas, including Little Rock and the Clinton Library, Hot Springs, and Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro. Then it's on to visit New Mexico and Arizona. We expect to land in Tucson around the second week of December.

Thanks to everyone, especially Gina, Linda C. and Linda P., who has let me know they are actually reading this and following our travels. It's nice to know and makes the effort worthwhile!

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