Saturday, April 05, 2008

Fort McAllister State Park; Richmond Hill (Savannah) Georgia

After saying our good byes to the Pronovost family of Orange City, FL, we moved on to Fort McAllister State Park, located about 20 miles south of Savannah, Georgia. We spent two nights here and it was so refreshing to be actually camping, as opposed to living, in an RV. We've been parked in rows of spaces all winter. State parks give us room to breathe, woods and trees, and at Ft. McAllister, nature trails and fishing.

The fish weren't biting yesterday but some folks had caught quite a few crabs. Seagulls and cormorants also made use of the fishing dock.

We checked for geocaches and found just one - a virtual cache. To get credit for it, we had to hike the Redbird Trail and count the number of steps up to the observation deck. It was a three-mile walk but the opportunity to score credit for a cache gave us the incentive. Some of the trail crosses wetlands. The tide was out for our walk. Little sand crabs scurried about as we watched from the bridge.

Views of the salt marsh were enhanced by standing atop the observation deck. But I won't spoil it for other geocachers by revealing how many steps up!

The Civil War-era earthenworks fort for which the park is named is worth touring as well. We visited on a previous trip so no photos this time.

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