Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Springtime at Cha-Wi-Ma Campground

Natchaug River, Chaplin, CT

When we arrived at Cha-Wi-Ma Campground, our home base for the summer, nothing was green. It took some getting used to since we normally return the first week of May. But we needed to get the RV Toy Shoppe opened for the 15th, which we accomplished. The weather has been unseasonably warm (until the past few days) so spring seemed to pop out all at once. I love these double daffodils!

Marsh marigolds grow at the bottom of the hill behind our motorhome near the swampy area that drains into the Natchaug River.

Bluets grow in clumps near the riverbank.

One of our neighbors has bleeding heart about to bloom.

Duncan sure is happy to be back to walks in our woods. We do miss Miss Roxie, though. She loved the woods too.

The woods are still pretty barren but there's a few fiddle-head ferns if you look closely.

In summer, the woods will be loaded with green ferns. I'm looking forward to that!

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