Friday, April 25, 2008

My Dad gets new wheels

This post is a bit off topic, having nothing to do with RV travel. It's about my Dad and his new-to-him Honda Civic. A little over a month ago, Dad was rear-ended at a traffic light by a guy going 40mph. Thanks to Divine Providence and Honda engineering, Dad was not the least bit hurt. But this was the result:

Ouch! The insurance company declared the 2001 car a total loss. So when I got back to CT, Job #1 was to get Dad another, newer, silver Honda Civic. We found this 2005 model which was the last year before they redesigned the body style. We picked it up this week and here's a couple of views of my very happy Dad.

We found it at Boch Honda in Norwood, MA, just outside Boston. They claim to be the largest dealer on the planet and their no-haggle price on was the best around.

Congratulations Dad!

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